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Inverclyde Council

Inverclyde Council’s new website is a hit with visitors which was redesigned and re-launched in 2015. The notched up an incredible 5million page views in the first 6 months of go live!

And, it’s been revealed that for the first time, more people are accessing the website through mobile devices than from desktop computers because of the simple responsive design that also supports older broswers.

Committee convener and Leader of the Council, Councillor Stephen McCabe, said:

“The redesign of the website aimed to make sure that the site was much more accessible on mobile devices and tablets. The new site is notching up more visits than the previous website and it’s being accessed from more mobile devices. All of our news and events published on the website are also promoted directly to social media to encourage many more people to access our website to find out more and to access council services.

“The website includes many opportunities to do things online including paying council tax or bills at a time which is more convenient.”

The website also features the web labs committe meetings component for the CMS.