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Digitial transformation

Digitial transformation

Your organisation’s channel shift strategy is a plan for the contact channels to deliver services to and interact with your customers or citizens, bearing in mind the citizens’ needs.

Making improved digital and on-line services a easy channel of choice for local people is the key to what we do. As local government digital transformation specialists with over 15-year experience of supplying hundreds of Councils and public sector bodies – we truly know and understand the dilemmas and difficulties of channel shift and understand the need for digital inclusion to save money.

As hard-pressed councils you continually have to do more with less and shift to cheaper and more effective channels. To achieve this, the public sector must continue to raise its own standards of service across all the channels it offers. We live in a multi-channel environment where customers use email, www, social media, drop-in centres, phone and mobile.

Yet changing systems and culture is tough…very tough!

Our full range of software products allows councils to quickly develop a digital transformation programme that is fully focused around saving money and improving services to customers. Why not demo our CRM to see how you can let citizens use their channel of choice, or demo our citizen portal?

With high quality design first ethos and iterative experience based on real life user feedback we have deployed channel shift software and systems into Metropolitan, Unitary and District Councils.

As a software development house, Web Labs is not confined by the boundaries of existing systems. We think outside of the box and provide councils with ready-made solutions to common tasks and problems.

From system design to process efficiency, Web Labs is a serious contender as your Channel Shift partner of choice. With our specialist local government knowledge and experience we provide fully tested and proven systems that deliver real results and give councils a head start in the channel shift journey.

Popular channels

These are the strategic areas we look to include digital support when planning your channel shift strategy:

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Last Updated: 05 June 2018