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Provide voters with information before, during and after elections with a beautiful presentation of election information.

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Software that simplifies elections processes for canditates and electors

Our timed release of candidate information and links to GIS ensures people will be able to find out which area (consituency, ward, parish etc) they are voting in, who they can vote for and where their polling station is. During the election they can see live results including a counting hall automatic presentation providing real-time results and key figures. Post-election the results can be finialised into showing various tables and graphs of information such as share of the vote and council control.

Information Share

Coupled with our Meetings module, share information between these systems to aid the administrative burden of maintaining area and political party data.

Real-time Results

Show results in real-time, presented on the web and in counting hall displays with a continual slider showing candidates, results and charts.

Import Candidates/Areas

Pre-built importers for common back-end elections system (Xpress, Halarose Eros etc) so you can take the hassle out of bulk loading running candidates including automatic creation of new areas.


Choose what to display on the website and in the counting hall with a multitude of simple options.


Careful control over the timing and release of information and results.