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Case management for improved business outcomes and better-informed decisions. Case Manager from Weblabs is the 'end to end' customer service management solution.

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Enhance collaboration and automate business processes

Case Manager from Web Labs enables decision makers to assemble, analyse, act on and archive content for improved business outcomes. It makes it possible to gain value from the wealth of information in documents, data, video, audio and social media. This is a very flexible system that can be configured to suit various business objectives, policies and help the allocation of organisational resources.

Case Manager is dependable software suitable for a diverse range of businesses like legal firms, investment management and other public sector organisations that require excellent customer service.

Case Manager Features

Customer dashboard

Secure login with single sign-on and social media integration employing optional two-factor authentication and account protection with two-step verification when needed. Your customers can self serve with a one stop shop dashboard with an array of clear design patterns. Online tasks mean your customers can self serve from any device with a web browser when needed and directly communicate with your staff using dashboard instant messaging.

Content delivery network

Geographically distribute the performance of your web based solution with our Azure Content Delivery Network. Opt to boost your enterprise front end layer and your service speeds will be spatially relative to your customers and provide high availability and high performance for every object from text, graphics and scripts, downloadable files.

Responsive templating

We created a responsive and user centred design, beautifully presented utilising the Web Labs Bridge platform like never before. Web Labs Design can work closely with individual clients to produce unique features to suit your corporate look and feel. Using our library of established wireframe patterns we can develop any design you need.

Media library

The media library offers a variety of advanced options that make web based asset management easy. The Media library has unique asset management capabilities, you can take advantage of the latest innovations in our software that optimises different sizes of responsive images e.g. one for small screens, one for medium, and one for large which will change automatically as the browser demands.

Its also an easy process to have assets post processed intelligently by watermarking, intelligent framing, automatic resizing and web optimisation.

Deeply organise your assets with virtual folders, keywords and other key meta data that can be used to engineer improved website SEO and the effective organisation of publishing when multiple publishers need to work together.

Log in 'anywhere'

If you wish to open up your solution to staff on the move or working from home, Web Labs can configure 'Log in from anywhere' for access your solution. No need to be in the office to keep in touch. The Bridge user managment can white list IP addresses for enhanced security for this open policy giving you an accessible on-the-go solution, via your favourite device.


Our powerful and fully customisable workflow engine can handle simple or complex tasks with ease.

  • Integration with third party systems
  • Rules-based routing
  • Branching / merging / repeatable activities
  • Dynamic and flexible allocation of tasks with fallback policies.
  • Automatic nudge and escalation of interactive tasks to avoid stalled workflows.
  • Workflow Visual Designer UI

Tasks with outcomes

To enable simple and consistent processing of a case tasks are started and assigned based on rules that you define. Tasks can have their own internal actions that need to be checked off. The case is progressed based on the outcome of a task where an agent may have multiple choices following different flows and automatically changing the case status where necessary.

Colour-coded status

Use the customisable status system with colour coding to ease the identification of a case's state at any time. Start with an initial state and have that state updated based on the outcomes of tasks defined by the case type. Authorised users can manually override a case state when needed.

Case manager from Web Labs can help your organisation make content processes consistent across departments and give stakeholders and managers the control and views they need to resolve cases efficiently.

Take a closer look

Case Management
Case management scenario for a logistics firm. It offers intake, case and task management tools, document management, tracking, reporting, search tools, case timelines and much more power if required.
Case manager workflow designer
Case Manger's visual workflow UI allows administrators to build workflow without coding skills. The output maps customer service users through screens for collecting and updating data. For example this support centre for a logistics firm use the visual workflow UI to script a case's critical path and to generate real-time overviews of order status.