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Recycling Centre Manager

Reuse and Recycling Centre software for local and private waste disposal authorities. Manage booking slots and availability each day with Reuse and Recycling Centre Manager

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Manage entry for trade and domestic vehicles at Reuse and Recycle Centres.

Demand for booking slots at Reuse and Recycling Centres is growing and places have to be limited. You can manage booking slots and availability each day with the Web Labs Reuse and Recycling Centre Manager software solution.

Recycling Centre Manager Features

Customise your bookings

Configurable timeslots, optional chronological time periods for bookings, customer payloads & terms of use. Set booking restrictions can be set by UPRN (regional postcode recognition) or Vehicle number plates. This can also be configured to allow a number of visits within a time period. We can add in almost anything you want to include or exclude in a Recycling Centre booking!

Repeat booking handler

Limit the number of bookings by a single customer over a time period (e.g. a month) with UPRN or Number plate details.

Easy to use customer UI

A step by step booking process that follows a logical order and allows customers to step back and edit their booking. It’s a tried and tested design that is already used by several large local authorities. Don’t worry its also responsive so it works on all devices from mobile phones to desktop PCs.

Responsive web design

We created a responsive and user centred design, beautifully presented utilising the Web Labs Bridge platform like never before. Web Labs Design can work closely with individual clients to produce unique features to suit your corporate look and feel. Using our library of established wireframe patterns we can develop any design you need.

Rich Media Emails

Email receipts merge the customer transaction information and the appointment details. If you prefer to use the downloadable permit PDFs the email can include a call to action to download. Emails are branded with your organisation's logo and corporate identity for a professional look and feel. Emails work in all email clients and mobile devices.

Vehicle permits

For Reuse and Recycle Centres that prefer to use additional entry permits, we have the option of downloadable permit PDFs for residents and commercial bookings. The permit PDFs are distributed via the email notifications and merge all the booking and time slot data. This provides the customer with accurate booking details and any site policy rules you may want to attach to the permit (e.g. COVID 19 restrictions). If you instruct permit holders to present their permit as a printout in the vehicle window, your site staff can quickly identify bookings and maintain social distancing.

As part of a phased reopening for COVIV-19, some restrictions at recycling centres (RRCs) are required to allow residents to bring a wider range of waste items. In order to prepare for this change and manage the access of these managed sites the Recycling Centre Manager is software that you can rely on.


Recycling Centre Manager booking
Recycling Centre Manager booking view
Recycling Centre Manager from weblabs
Recycling Centre Manager booking view can be developed to your organisation's branding
Recycling Centre Manager booking
Rich media emails are responsive
Resident RRC vechicle permit
Vehicle permits for southwark council