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Delight your attendees with a attractive event pages and e-ticketing.

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Online event registration, bookings and ticketing suite

From attractive event listing to the automation of event creation for venues of any size, Web Labs can let you take control of all aspects of online bookings.

Take it a step further if you like and let your customers create customised event pages of their own, and within minutes your tickets are ready to be sold. Web Labs take care of the hard stuff and let you concentrate on the event coordination and logistics.

Leisure Bookings Features


SEO for your Web Labs solution need not be a 'dark art' subcontracted out to an agency. In fact web labs have been building successfully optimised websites that help business and organisations convert new traffic into transactions for 20 years. When needed our softwares strong structural SEO foundation can be enabled. It ensures that all the technical practices for SEO are there to help achieve your business objectives. Our partners can go a step further with detailed web publishing training should you wish to implement end-to-end online marketing campaigns with Adwords etc.

Responsive templating

We created a responsive and user centred design, beautifully presented utilising the Web Labs Bridge platform like never before. Web Labs Design can work closely with individual clients to produce unique features to suit your corporate look and feel. Using our library of established wireframe patterns we can develop any design you need.

Single Sign On

Single Sign On (SSO) with Web Labs allows your customers to securely access all your web applications with a unified single authentication. This removes the need for multiple login credentials accross the range of your third party API's which get in the way of smooth do it online transactions. Secure one-time access speeds up the customer experience and encourageds channel shift!

Payment integrations

Civica, WorldPay, Paypal, SagePay, Capita

Arts and Venues Integrations

Patron Base

Geographic Information System - GIS

Map Point, ESRI, Google Maps

Easy event ticketing

Start selling tickets to your event, festival or venue in a few steps. Simple, feature rich ticketing for event organisers is made available through our E-ticketing. It is so much easier than buying or selling physical tickets as there are no costs associated with printing and delivery and it means all tickets are secured through each buyer’s personal account and QR codes.

Take a closer look at the admin

Bookings manager - scheduler
Create customised availability for your venue resource with the Bookings manager scheduler
Bookings manager - scheduler
View any bookable resource in month, week and daily view
Bookings manager - scheduler
Make a booking directly in the bridge daily view
Bookings manager - scheduler
Printable E-ticketing also offers you the chance to monetise your tickets with advertising.