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Our Citizen Portal software takes Single Sign on to the next level. Through the Web Lab’s Bridge system we can fully integrate with back office and legacy systems.

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With over 90 successful back office system integrations under our belt we pride ourselves on integrating with the most popular back office systems such as Civica, Idox, SharePoint, ESRI, and Bartec to name just a few.

Also our Single Sign On and Citizen Portal solutions are built around the needs of the user, we provide a top quality user experience and user interface in all our Citizen Portals. Citizen portal is a web based solution, fully responive to mobile and desktop devices. No more clunky forms and widgets!  Just sleek, slick and secure services that are great to use from beginning to end.

Citizen Portal Features

Single Sign On

Single Sign On (SSO) with Web Labs allows your customers to securely access all your web applications with a unified single authentication. This removes the need for multiple login credentials accross the range of your third party API's which get in the way of smooth do it online transactions. Secure one-time access speeds up the customer experience and encourageds channel shift!

Customer dashboard

Secure login with single sign-on and social media integration employing optional two-factor authentication and account protection with two-step verification when needed. Your customers can self serve with a one stop shop dashboard with an array of clear design patterns. Online tasks mean your customers can self serve from any device with a web browser when needed and directly communicate with your staff using dashboard instant messaging.

Responsive UI

We created a responsive and user centred design, beautifully presented utilising the Web Labs Bridge platform like never before. Web Labs Design can work closely with individual clients to produce unique features to suit your corporate look and feel. Using our library of established wireframe patterns we can develop any design you need.

Content delivery network

Geographically distribute the performance of your web based solution with our Azure Content Delivery Network. Opt to boost your enterprise front end layer and your service speeds will be spatially relative to your customers and provide high availability and high performance for every object from text, graphics and scripts, downloadable files.

Field block library

Contains a library of preset questions; customisable as field blocks that can be reused within your forms saving repetition for form authors.

Field Pre-population

Define either static or dynamic field pre-population based on the user profile, external data (web services, databases) and/or previously filled fields even on the same page to make submitting a form a breeze.


Web Labs have integrated all major systems and software in the local government market place. Take a look at our integrations portfolio to understand how we make SSO work with Citizen Portals.

Already deployed to a wide range of councils

Our Citizen Portals enjoy continued success and form the cornerstone of the digital transformation agenda – delivering cost savings to councils and improved services to customers. Citizen portal is more that just an out of the box solution. We can develop a consistent user interface to suit your encumbant website design if needed.

To arrange a demo and test it out for you self click the 'Book a Demo' call to action at the top of the page or contact us to discuss more about specific needs.

Southwark citizen portal dashboard - profile
The My Southwark dashboard using Citizen Portal