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Web Labs

Website development

Website development

We deploy the Web Labs Bridge for the development of web based apps, our own enterprise CMS builds and other whole business systems. Our website development team work to deliver the best possible outcome for your customers and business.

Over the last fifteen years, many of our local government websites have been rated as three or four stars by SOCITM Better Connected. Our clients, such as Preston City Council, Milton Keynes and Southwark have consistently been recognized in of the top 20 Council websites in the the UK. Our commitment to service delivery is hard to beat!

Front end

Our front-end developers and User Interface (UI) specialists work with back end developers to build a platform that creates a visually engaging, beautiful interactive websites and apps.

Using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, the three common coding languages on which all modern websites are built, our efforts to build a solid foundation for user interaction set the tone for the overall User Experience (UX). The UX is selection of tasks (including solid publishing) focused on optimisation of a product for effective and enjoyable service delivery.

From navigation, controls, typography, plugins and forms our designers work with developers to ensure that all elements are delivered effectively to create a seamless user experience.

On the front end we code

Back end

Web Labs back end developers build the enterprise systems to ensure that your site or app works and changes effectively. Our development team create the digital engines that collect and store all data relevant to your website and its customers.

On the back end we code

Agile project management

We take an agile approach to web and app design & development. Our development team work closely with our designers to ensure that customer and client business needs are always being met.

We’re focused on delivering what is valuable to you and your customer. Building on our complete website audit and strategy together we can deliver the technical and functional requirements of the project which becomes our roadmap for delivery of your website, generating high quality traffic, converting visitors into customers, and improving your productivity by adding new functionalities going forward.

Retainer plans

Website development is just the beginning. If you don't monitor your site, measure performance, and improve it on a regular basis, your website will easily fall out of date, out of sync, and out of line with your business goals. It'll never be over if you truly want a return on your investment.

If you engage a retainer agreement with us we can analyse the performance and conversion, through various techniques, and make incremental improvements over time to protect your investment. We also offer high quality training sessions for instances of our software to support your comms team.

Last Updated: 12 January 2018