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Audit Master

Manage checks that run on a schedule and record the data from a mobile device or a desktop that allows the users to be able to view the results

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Audit Master Features

Data Setup

Set up data from the contract to the audit themselves using the easy to navigate menu system. Attach locations to contracts and areas to locations and audits and schedules to to areas to give a full and comprehensive auditing system allowing full flexibility. Users can easily be assigned roles allowing them to have access to data and reports according to their permissions. Audit types and values as well as what constitutes a passing and failing value can be assigned to the individual audit check.

Fault containment and resolution

Faults are fully tracked and allow for a 2 stage approach of containment and resolution. Once a fault has been identified and recorded on the mobile device (time stamped) Once uploaded it is available to be acted upon by a managed who can then either contain or resolve it. The timescales on these actions can be configured on a per contract / check type basis allowing for a fully configurable solution.

More about Auditmaster

AuditMaster graphs from the results can be produced based upon timescales, contracts and locations. these can be drilled down to individual check sets. Faults that are recorded can be tracked and resolved either using the desktop of mobile device allowing for full audibility across the checks. Each set of checks can be configured to be unique to a location of area within the location.

The mobile app that accompanies the main desktop app allows for the entry of the audits results based upon a schedule. It will store and upload when it has a connection to the internet allowing for a real time view of the results as they arrive at the main system. The app is a simple to use and informative solution that requires no instruction as the actions available are based upon the permissions derived from the users login.