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Forms Master

With Forms Master, you can design your own customised forms, surveys, questionnaires, statutory returns, expense claims and internal reports. Using your browser, our celebrated intuitive interface will transform your customer outreach and nternal paperwork without the need for specialised IT skills.

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The Web Labs Forms System focuses on user experience and data capture to ensure the best possible service to users. With our Forms Systems, you can:

  • Design your own customised and responsive forms that adjust their own format to the circumstances

  • Streamline customer experience, encouraging co-operation and reducing rejection rates

  • Improve data quality, speed up data capture and reduce costs

  • Do all this without the need for specialist IT or programming skills!

Whether collecting clinical data in webforms for an NHS Trust, creating public consultation mechanisms for a Government Department or communicating with the clients of a law, banking or manufacturing Forms Master allows you to seamlessly integrate information collection, management and analysis and to improve the quality of your outreach. Flexible enough to meet your needs and to cut down on unnecessary box-ticking, our e-Forms are also designed to meet with common accessibility standards like W3C, WA1–A, WA3-A, and to comply with the Government Interoperability Framework, e-GIF.

Forms Master Features

Responsive templating

We created a responsive and user centred design, beautifully presented utilising the Web Labs Bridge platform like never before. Web Labs Design can work closely with individual clients to produce unique features to suit your corporate look and feel. Using our library of established wireframe patterns we can develop any design you need.

Conditional Fields

Only display the fields on a form that are needed by building rules that define whether a field should be shown based on previously entered data.

Field Pre-population

Define either static or dynamic field pre-population based on the user profile, external data (web services, databases) and/or previously filled fields even on the same page to make submitting a form a breeze.

Multi-page dynamic forms

Create simple one page or complex multi-page forms with conditional display of pages based on previous selections. Invoke repeating form pages based on a previous entry such as asking for how many people reside at an address and have a form page repeat that many times automatically without the need to create multiple blank pages manually.

Field block library

Contains a library of preset questions; customisable as field blocks that can be reused within your forms saving repetition for form authors.


Our powerful and fully customisable workflow engine can handle simple or complex tasks with ease.

  • Integration with third party systems
  • Rules-based routing
  • Branching / merging / repeatable activities
  • Dynamic and flexible allocation of tasks with fallback policies.
  • Automatic nudge and escalation of interactive tasks to avoid stalled workflows.
  • Workflow Visual Designer UI

Route Plans

Act on form submissions with intelligent automation by assigning one or more route plans that perform actions on the form. Route plans can be used to automatically:

  • Send confirmation emails
  • Send emails to internal operations staff and agents
  • Write data to file systems
  • Store data in database systems
  • Call external systems via our powerful integration engine
  • Create new cases in our flexible case management module

Fully Extensible

Develop your own or have Web Labs build you own custom field types using the extensibility options of the system. This can be used for creating custom composite fields or for simply allowing default blocks of text to be added to a form that are controlled centrally (e.g. for regulatory notices).

Intelligent Forms:

Forms Master enables the creation of responsive and intelligent forms that react to the user's answers and follow the control, transmission and archival procedures defined by the administrator. The information can be shared with other departments for further processing as an email or as XML, facilitating effortless integration with clerical and legacy systems. You can even store standardised forms and questions in a Common Property Library and allow their extraction in different display formats by different users.

On implementing the Forms Master e-Forms system, many of our UK eGovernment clients have observed substantial improvements in their efficiency and reliability, resulting in increases in their BVPI scores, and a lowering of the cost of compliance with the e-Government Agenda and the Gershon report recommendations.

Flexible Solutions:

Forms Builder

Working through a standard web browser, the Forms Builder module allows you to design and build your own customised forms on-line. The forms can be customised according to your needs, to meet government accessibility standards, for example, or adapting the forms' appearance to correspond with the theme and aesthetics of your website.

Forms Master - Bridge UI
Drag and drop your form questions with the Web Labs Bridge UI

Each question on the form can be given its own rules, method of verification, display options, level of security and embedded information, allowing you to create precisely the kind of interface you desire and producing a secure, reliable and streamlined procedural protocol.

Forms Master - Bridge UI
Customise your questions,fields and pages with our 'blue print' layout

Forms Filler

The same principles of intelligence and flexibility apply to the Forms Filler module, which allows users to easily access and to accurately complete the form online through a standard web browser. The form responds to the answers given, alerts the user to incorrect or incomplete answers, assists them through help messages or supplementary information and even allows them to save partially completed forms for completion at a later time.

With the Forms Filler module, customers and users can respond easily and securely, without the hindrance of unclear or irrelevant questions, speeding the process and thereby encouraging participation. Previous clients have reported as much as a 20% increase in public participation as a result of switching to Forms Master

Forms Audit

The increase in response will be easy to see – because Forms Master also captures and processes data on the completed forms, allowing you to see rate of response and incidence and nature of partial completion, enabling you to adjust or redesign the form if required. In addition, the Forms Audit library records information about the history of every form - its name, designer, function, and when and by whom it was modified or published. In an archive of many hundreds of forms, the correct one can be located by searching via name, description, designer or department, ensuring your ability to keep track of administrative changes at the click of a mouse.