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Giving people fast, reliable and 24/7 access to public services, we take out the hassle out of dealing with your council.

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By providing an intelligent and user friendly, Single Sign On System we put self-service at the very heart of digital transformation.

Already used by 100 councils across the UK - with over thousands registered users our system has the flexibility, scale and security needed to deliver modern day council services.

Through one single login and customer account, people can register with their council to access the full array of services from libraries to social care and from bins to housing benefit.

Using the most up to date software, our single sign on system is easy to use and navigate.  All this leads to on-line being the channel of choice for citizens, taxpayers and service users our single sign on system delivers real results.

People’s information is safe and secure and used intelligently.  From pre-populated forms to recommended services – our systems are fully user focused.

Increasing the up-take of on-line and digital services, our system delivers significant cost savings to the council and increased satisfactions and users are able to get seamless access to council services.  A real win-win for the public, councillors and officers.

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