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Document Master

Enterprise document and records management that offers a powerful and secure solution which can be integrated with other operations and web functions.

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Easy to use, secure and smart document management software that's supported by local government experts

  • Store and organise all your digital data assets in one secure and unified system, including text or scanned documents, emails, images and audio or video files.

  • Customise access, authorisation and archival to precisely match your needs.

  • Protect your organisation's data with this unique software solution, which meets the National Archives PRO 2002 specification in full.

The data your organisation holds are some of its most important assets. With data security and records management becoming areas of increasing concern, [Public Service] organisations can no longer afford to employ fragmented, disorganised or insecure systems of data management. The Document Master System offers a powerful and secure Document and Records Management system which can be integrated with other operations and web-accessed functions. It enables the storage and retrieval of electronic data and, via the scanner module and page viewer, physical documents in scanned form. Intuitive access design makes for remarkable ease of use and eliminates the need for lengthy and costly staff training.

Document Master Features


Document Master features a document data search function, allowing the user to search for company specific meta-data, and titles, reference, description etc.In addition, the advanced search function, Search Master, is fully integrated into the Document Master system. However big your organisation is, this search feature will ensure you instant access to the data you need. Incorporating Dynamic Classification, Advanced Intuitive Searching and Compound Terms Searching technologies, Search Master finds your documents without delay and displays excerpted information for easier recognition, including thumbnails of scans, previews of pictures and relevant text extracts.

Meta Data Search

To aid users to find content quickly, Document Master has - a Meta Data search for use by persons who authored content and would have a general idea of where the digital asset might be stored eg. date, author, title, subject etc.

Natural Language Search

Not certain of where the digital asset may be stored? Document Master can search ALL of the content ie. not just the meta data of assets such as documents, pdf's spreadsheets etc. This search engine also assists the user by returning extracts, suggested other search terms and contact details of "experts" who have input digital assets relating to the topic they are searching, so they are able to seek assistance from people with the greatest knowledge.

User and Group Communication

Messages can be sent to other users or groups with document attachment, which links directly to the storage location in Document Master's Digital Vault, avoiding the cumbersome uploading and transmitting of large data files.

Workflow & Lifecycle Management

The customisable workflow system allows you to create and support a comprehensive process for the approval, creation, deletion and storage of data and records, allowing you to control the progression of information through your organisation. The flexibility of the Document Master's workflow system enables the total control of authorisation and access to documents throughout their lifecycle, and the establishment of document archival, consultation or deletion routines for different kinds of data.

Integration with Microsoft Office

Document Master is fully compatible with Microsoft Office, integrating seamlessly with your existing office systems and allowing you to store documents in the Digital Vault whilst retaining ease of access and use.
Most offices these days use Microsoft Office, and Document Master is designed to integrate with this product. Using the Word / Document Master Menus, the user can create and edit content that will be stored in the Document Master Vault. By selecting which of the MyFolders or MyRecords the document is stored safely. Once stored all images used within this document are available for reuse.
Document Master is designed to work with Microsoft SQL 2000 upwards and as such delivers a solid and robust storage for the most important asset company assets, your corporate knowledge.

Other features in Document Master Records and Document management

  • Identification of Users and their respective roles
  • Integrated powerful Search Engine, SearchMaster
  • My Workspace, for fast personal navigation
  • Handles ALL file types, doc, pdf, xls, dwg, jpg, etc.
  • Browser-based delivery for all functions and display
  • Complex Classification creation (e.g. LGCS)
  • Robust workflow process document signoff.
  • Different signing off procedures per department
  • Full audit trail on all objects
  • Version control and roll back
  • Meta-key search creation tool
  • Auto classification through SearchMaster
  • Checking documents out for sole use
  • Content Documents created using Microsoft Word.
  • Register document interest, email updates
  • Document Sticky and reminder Notes
  • Thumbnail document explorer
  • Twain scanner support
  • AutoCAD documents storage and workflow