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Search Master is the latest in searching that does not rely on keywords to find the results you are looking for but uses the concepts to identify relevant results and return them. Too many search systems use keywords in their information retrieval so that non relevant information is returned and there are Systems out there that offer high precision or high recall but SearchMaster offers high precision and high recall as part of the solution to get the right results to the users.

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Single words in isolation are highly ambiguous resulting in Low Precision. Whilst phrase searching can be used to improve Precision it does so at the expense of Recall since any document that does not match the exact phrase will be ignored.  Search Master delivers High Precision and High Recall, with better ranking of results, compared to all other search engines that utilise an index of single words. To read more about how Search Master works click here.

Auto Classification

Utilising the technology within the search Search Master is able to Classify documents incredibly accurately within a Taxonomy or Taxonomies. As standard we are able to include a default set of government taxonomies which includes over 90000 clues. These taxonomies can be localised to include clues specific to you. You are able to create a taxonomy from scratch with the system aiding you at every step with suggested clues based upon documents already within the category/node.

Taxonomy Management

Search Master provides an intuitive and powerful tool to manage your taxonomies with easy to use administration screens to manage not only the taxonomy structure but also the clues and the documents classified. When used in conjunction with the search this provides a powerful addition to the SearchMaster application to give highly relevant results within a category.


Based upon xml web services Search Master is able to be integrated into existing sites and applications to allow for customisation and complete tailoring to the requirements.

Knowledge bases

Search Master can 'spider' other web sites and file indexes so that multiple sources of information are able to be added together to build up a knowledge base that is both accessible and useable by anyone. For file systems Active directory permissions are respected and the results can be configured to only allow access to the correct documents.


This taxonomy can be included as standard and content can be classified against it automatically and when used with the Web-Labs CMS it provides a powerful and accurate tool to give web pages the correct metadata tags. This can make a huge saving on costs and will classify the content consistently and quickly.

The Search Master system is the most cost effective and most powerful solution on the market that combines Searching and classification. The benefits include:

  • Relevance Ranking based on the Probabilistic Model (Bayesian Inference)
  • Concept identification based on Shannon's Information Theory
  • Probabilistic Latent Semantic Indexing
  • Cross platform compatibility via Web Services
  • All Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) based on XML
  • Transparent access to system internals including the statistical profile of terms
  • Cost of ownership is an order of magnitude cheaper than the established vendors
  • The classifier engine is a rules based engine
  • The classifier engine overcomes the inherent issues with engines requiring training sets that tend to extract erroneous data and reduce accuracy
  • Automatically classifies documents to multiple classifications
  • Enables the use of Boolean filters to automatically limit the results to a selected classification
  • Easy to use administration
  • Complete customisation available
  • More cost efficient and effective than if done manually

Search Documents itelligently – you can search any document with astonishing accuracy!

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Search Master indexes all office documents