Pest Control Software Suite for Croydon

design by Web Labs

Explore the four main components of this transformative software suite:

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Croydon Council

1: Website - Intelligent Webform for Pest Reporting and Payments

Customer 'Report a Pest' Intelligent Webform - Web Labs Bridge CMS

Here, Croydon residents can:

  • Report a pest.
  • Schedule an appointment with a pest control technician.
  • Obtain guidance on pest treatment.
  • Process payments (when applicable).
  • Receive email notifications of appointments.
  • Easily cancel and reschedule appointments through a convenient CTA in the confirmation email.

Croydon Pest Control Webform: Report a Pest Form

2: CRM - Streamlined Pest Control Case Management

Web Labs Bridge CRM

Croydon Pest Control's dedicated management team can:

  • Manage customer reports/orders.
  • Initiate new cases.
  • Oversee pest technicians and their respective teams.
  • Handle council estates (blocks) management.
  • Organise and plan jobs.

WebLabs Pest Control Suite CRM: Job Scheduler View

3: Dashboard - Dynamic Pest Control Technician Management

Web Labs Bridge GUI/CRM

Through this interface, the Croydon Pest Control management team can:

  • View live job statistics.
  • Access Mapping GIS for real-time technician location updates and job records.
  • Utilise the mapping GUI feature.
  • Select specific technician live data, allowing for job reallocation and more.

WebLabs Pest Control Suite Dashboard: Real-time Technician Data

4: iOS app - Comprehensive Tool for Pest Technicians

Web Labs iOS App

With this, Croydon Pest Control's technician teams can:

  • Manage and document daily inspection data, including:
    • Checking in/out.
    • Logging property access.
    • Conducting benefits and risk assessments.
    • Following specific pest investigation & treatment steps.
  • Use a dynamic job scheduling tool.
  • Navigate with Apple Maps.
  • Schedule follow-up appointments.
  • Review past inspection records.
  • Obtain customer approvals and sign-offs.