Enfield Music Service

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Music ecommerce for the citizens in Enfield! The Music service store is for citizen account holders so they can manage music lessons, hire and more via thier own store.

This traded service store is for citizens so they can book, hire and purchase a wide range of music tuition based products direct from the music service at Enfield Council.

The intuitive UI lets members add pupils as an account holder and then manage thier respective music careers all through their time at schools in Enfield. Customers can purchase:

  • Ensembles and Clubs memberships
  • Instrument hire
  • Music lessons

The complexities of the product variations are kept away from the user so it remains easy to book and apply discounts without having to be overwhelmed with complex form filling. Lessons and hire orders are all pushed to the CRM where the respective parties inclusing the schools, building owners and music teachers manage bookings and hire.

The music store also empowers music teachers to manage thier lessons via thoer own dashboard where they can manage:

  • lesson attendcance log
  • timesheets
  • invoicing