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Our Intranet solution blends typical intranet comms with social tools that actually enable your employee engagement

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The Web Labs intranet software

Embracing social media functionality by allowing users to 'Like' or 'Rate', comment and interact with your company communications just like on popular social mendia channels seen today. Installing a weblabs intranet solution can mitigate a decline in employee engagement and transform collaboration with conversation, sharing and bookmarking commone resources into a wiki hub.

Intranet Features


Member forum with great performance and modest hosting requirements. Your forums can have a large numbers of users and posts, which are searchable with our internal search engine for advanced searching. Your admin can set topic display options (threaded or normal), prune topics and polls. Other user features include a instant chat system, customisable avatars and more.

Responsive templating

We created a responsive and user centred design, beautifully presented utilising the Web Labs Bridge platform like never before. Web Labs Design can work closely with individual clients to produce unique features to suit your corporate look and feel. Using our library of established wireframe patterns we can develop any design you need.

Event hub

With our events module you'll be able to publish event information into an attractive and easy to use community hub for your website or intranet. With sophisicated filtering beyond fixed categories you'll be able to #hashtag with virtual categories, sort by location, add geo location with pinable maps and even let your users create events for themselves. Further more web labs events can be made bookable and added as shopping basket entities. There are so many ways to configure this powerful bridge component.


Secure login with single sign-on and social media integration employing optional two-factor authentication and account protection with two-step verification when needed. Your customers can self serve with a one stop shop dashboard with an array of clear design patterns. Online tasks mean your customers can self serve from any device with a web browser when needed and directly communicate with your staff using dashboard instant messaging.

Library hub

Store and share resources with the library. While this is not a full enterprise document management system like Document Master, this feature will keep documents, PDFs, videos and images in an intranet or extranet giving access to all users or restricted users. You can categoriese resources so they are more relevant, let your site members preview and download, upload thier own contributions for moderation and even rate and contribute with comments. What's more if your solution requires this information as a repository for reference and guidance your members can search and bookmark items as page resources.

Active directory connect

Integrate to MS Active Directory for a far more flexible web labs intranet solution. Active Directory may be already used to store information about your organisations' users and other network objects, so using a Web Labs connector can prevent reinventing the wheel! Active directory user objects share attributes to store a user name, full name, and description can be added as intranet objects and even whitelisted IP addresses.

Log in 'anywhere'

If you wish to open up your solution to staff on the move or working from home, Web Labs can configure 'Log in from anywhere' for access your solution. No need to be in the office to keep in touch. The Bridge user managment can white list IP addresses for enhanced security for this open policy giving you an accessible on-the-go solution, via your favourite device.

Better valued staff = staff productivity!

‚ÄčIf you want your staff be 'better valued' or to to be less 'in the dark', then our social intranet software will empower your employees to connect with the content your company shares, and help encourage and increase staff productivity.