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With the ever-increasing popularity of and demand for social media, Web Labs are now able to integrate social media accounts into content management and service delivery solutions.

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Access to all the main social media channels

So through one system councils can now manage all the website and social media content – ensuring consistency and greater access to council services.

As software developers with access to all the main social media channels we integrate social media authentication into our citizen portals and single sign on systems.

This enable people to use popular social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter to authenticate and gain access to council services on-line.

So simple requests for services and bookings can be make seamlessly and easily from people’s social media accounts.

Where more secure and personal data is required – such as council tax account details a separate security system is activated through a personal pin number that ensures the identity of the person is validated and checked.

Social Media Features

Social Media APIs

Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube, Trip advisor, Twitter

Single Sign On

Single Sign On (SSO) with Web Labs allows your customers to securely access all your web applications with a unified single authentication. This removes the need for multiple login credentials accross the range of your third party API's which get in the way of smooth do it online transactions. Secure one-time access speeds up the customer experience and encourageds channel shift!

We build confidence in the use of social media

So your council can be confident in the use of social media by and for citizens – all whilst being safe and secure.

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