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Resource Manager

Resource Manager is a Bridge application designed to fill a gap in the market between a full blown and highly complex product that handles project management and the spreadsheet method of handling company resources.

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Resource Manager is designed to allow the planning, execution and reporting on projects for various clients by multiple departments/teams. The projects are broken down into various tasks that action this project and can be fixed, mobile or human assets or a mixture or all three or multiple assets together. The interface is designed for ease of use using a calendar timeline based display model.

Resource Manager Features

Collaboration workspace

Getting your tream to work together just got a whole lot easier with Resource Manager. Set up a team with our collaborative workspaces featuring contextualised message, and efficient tasking and time tracking. Resource Manager will help you deliver projects on time and on budget, every time!

Timeline user interface

Your whole team can manage project details in one elegant user interface using a left to right horizontal time line control with a zooming into Day, Week and Month Views. Click and Pin interations make this online project managment tool a pleasure to use, while off canvas palettes save valuable screen estate to you can focus on what's important - your project staff, resources and budget!


All your team's project collaboration can be stratified with user roles. Set up user accounts for Staff User, Manager and Client users:

  • Staff User: can view only information that they create or are a resource assigned
  • Manager: can view and create any data
  • Client User: can view data only relating to there projects and tasks

Search project resources

Search for all assets, tasks and projects in the system when drilling down through projects is too much! A powerful search engine with logic filtering underpins Resource Manager so that you can manage projects with better planning and focus.

Staff holidays list

Managers can view staff holiday leave for the entire team, so that staff absence is not a surprise to projects where milestones are really important. Plan who's off and generate reports to get accurate breakdown information.

Power reports

Various report formats are available to help you analyse projects and clients with a birds eye view or even drill down to an individual resource to see if it is over or under utilised. What's more reports can be outputted for departments from not just 'Completed' projects but at other various stages like 'Active', 'Late' and 'Warning' states.

Structure of resource layout

1. Master Project, Project and Tasks
2. Projects and Tasks
3. Just tasks

  • Each task can have multiple assets assigned
  • An asset can be set to require a trained user from a specificaly assigned user group
  • Assets can have multiple types to allow customisation to suit an organisation and easy selection
  • Assets have weekly available time settings, so 24 hour for equipment or 8 hours per day for a staff member
  • No limit to number of assets in the system
  • Calendar Layout allows zooming into Day, Week or Month view with scroll to move calendar around web viewer.
  • Search for all assets, tasks and projects in the system

Asset Offline List, Manager view

Asset Utilisation List, Manager view