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User-friendly online tax return service launched at the States of Guernsey by Weblabs

Web Labs proved it was possible to deploy a user-friendly online tax return service in time for 2021

‘We’ve had an online tax return since 2007,’ said Sarah Davies, head of service delivery at the Revenue Service, ‘but this one has moved more into the modern world, so it looks much friendlier than the other one did. It’s much, much quicker, much easier, and much more user-friendly. It will encourage people to file their returns online.’

The online form saves progress as users fill in their details, automatically skips sections which do not apply, and allows taxpayers to work out their own tax bill.

Mrs Davies said the liability calculator would be particularly useful for taxpayers.

‘They can actually click on the estimated liability and look at how it’s been calculated, so that will give them an idea of how it’s been done, what allowances they’ve got and what income is taxable, so it may help people understand how their tax bill has been calculated.’

These calculations will, however, be subject to confirmation via a final assessment.

The new portal also includes a change to spouse or partner access, which means that each spouse or partner who has submitted a form of authority will be able to access the shared return from their own individual login.

You can read more about the success of this software here in the case study.

Last updated: 09 June 2021