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PolicyManager : eGov system

This Document Master module enables the distribution and control of important company policy documents to individuals and groups of users that must agree and follow these guidelines set out in the document.

Process of creation

  1. Documents are created in any creation tool for example Word and then stored in the main Document Master product. Note that any digital media can be used, images, video etc as well as normal documents. These documents then go through the usual process of creation and workflow based approvals to get to an agreed policy document.
  2. This document is then registered as a company policy and groups of users are attached to this policy.
  3. By default the policy is setup as a tick to confirm understanding type.
  4. Option two is to build a set of multiple choice questions to test the users on the understanding of the document. A predefined score is used to set as a pass, only when passed is the process complete.
  5. Once setup the policy can be made live if the document has been approved and then all users that login to the system are prompted to complete either the tick box agreement or the multiple choice questions.
  6. Finally the policy owner can view a list of user's responses and see those that have not completed the task and send them a reminder message.

Whilst this system has a great use in company policies for example Health and Safety rules understanding, it can also be used in educational activities for tests on any subject.

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