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Aylesbury Vale District Council's new Policy Manager software from weblabs.

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Aylesbury Vale bring in Web-Labs to deliver a Policy Management tool.

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Aylesbury Vale District Council (AVDC) is located in the County of Buckinghamshire with a population of 172,000 and an annual budget of 20m

AVDC in common with many Local Authorities and large organisations had a problem in communicating new policy documents to there right staff in a way that they could ensure that thye were being read and in some cases understood. E.g. the Health and Safety procedures should be read by all members of staff and fully understood by a Health and Safety Offices Whilst any system can create and distribute documents to staff, a system was needed that was easy to use by all staff so as to manage and report on staff members receiving the documents those that needed to actually understand the documents, the managing and updating of policy documents etc.

AVDC having improved their existing Committees and Meetings system with a higher standard of efficiency and usability using Web-Labs Document Management technology were investigating whether they could use the same technology as a solution to this problem.

The Policy Management tool built into Web-Labs Document Master automates the understanding process in the following way. Databases of Staff are created indicating what Policies each member should receive, which ones they should have a good understanding etc. Once any Policy document is created it can be mark as either a) a tick box to say reader has received and read the documents or b) the document can have attached a number of questions each with multiple choice answers covering the essential elements of the specific policy. The staff member can then choose there respective answer for each question and this will score their 'understanding' of the policy and this could result in a pass or fail.

The document can then have one or more groups of users assigned that must read this document and complete the understanding process. The policy creator can manage who has, and more importantly who has not understood this document. Prompting emails can be easily sent to all who have not completed the process or even suggestions as to which parts of the Policy documents they should read before taking the 'test' again.

There are number of easy to understand management reporting is available to show which staff have received each policy which staff have passed or failed the 'understanding test' where it is required and those staff that have not replied to the Policy Manager to acknowledge receipt of the policy and any subsequent reminders.


Web Labs have delivered a web browser based system that is extremely easy to use and enables us to be completely confident that our Policy Documents are distributed and understood by the right staff. We also have accurate records for each member of staff and each policy and supporting management reports.

In a sentence Web Labs delivered a very cost effective solution to our needs
John Barter Project Manager AVDC

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