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MARS : Mobile Assessment and Reporting System for PDA's, smart phones & tablets

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Download the MARS features list here in PDF format.

connection and security. beyond paper.

  • Organise, manage, retrieve and audit data in a paperless environment
  • Monitor remote staff, sites and operations for security, stock/staff availability or compliance with targets, standards and legislation
  • Gain instant access to information, enabling swift responses to problems, non-compliance or unavailability
  • Oversee the completion of security checks, audits and field reports from a single central location
  • Effective electronic reporting through a simple user Android app

Establish communication and control over all your organisation's functions with WebLab's Mobile Assessment and Reporting System. MARS uses the Microsoft Windows Mobile and Goolge Android handheld OS technology to offer a variety of harware deployments. Collect data in the field for paperless audits and real-time feedback on performance, availability or compliance and stores them in a central database for monitoring, review and reporting purposes.

Business Benefits:

  • Improved auditing performance with accurate data capture and analysis
  • 80% Cost Reduction for performance monitoring and reporting
  • Higher Security with proof of User and secure transmission
  • Greater Efficiency in time reduction between data capture and audit reports
  • Reduced Risk by quick notification of faults and corrective actions
  • Faster enhanced reporting with additional photographic evidence to enable quick evaluation and corrective action
  • Automatic production of 'Performance and Compliance' reports

MARS vs Paper : from a Responsive Service to 'ticking boxes':

Happy woman with MARS
  • Paperless, accurate data transmitted and analysed against SLAs and KPIs immediately from remote locations
  • Reporting from site with aditional audio notes and JPEG with GPS data
  • Not subject to postal delays or damage/loss
  • Operational parameters for off-site locations verified immediately at source
  • Reduced risk levels with corrective procedure process and alerts
  • Reports signed and time stamped
  • Recordable Photographic evidence to enhance reports
  • Higher perfomance levels attainable
  • Lower management costs
  • Immediate return on the investment
  • Enables you to offer a more responsive and/or competitive service
man lost with a chart - wishing he had MARS
  • Delayed action due to time limitation in collecting, transmitting & verifying data for analysis
  • Higher risk levels due to delayed response
  • Static performance levels
  • High cost of paper purchase, printing & storage
  • Only Tick box service

Outline of Operations

MARS in the field

Holding performance parameters and procedures for each remote site (Audit) on a central computer. They are transmitted to individual PDA's at the correct time and/or location to provide a Task List of actions such as checking exits, air or water temperature cleaning standards, testing fire alarms etc.

Each PDA will require the entry of a password to confirm the correct user is being presented with the right audit at the right time. The system will require a response for each action and where values are outside performance parameters the user has to confirm what actions have been taken and if appropriate attach a photograph or other evidence. The result of each of these responses are time stamped and provided with a signature before transmission back to the 'Central Station'.


Reports can be sent from the PDA via a base station at a pre arranged time, i.e. the beginning and end of each shift. The information received is immediately analysed providing management reports and a high degree of control over remote sites. Any deviations from the expected can be immediately highlighted enabling prompt corrective action to be taken. Security

The usage of the PDA is controlled, by working offline and independently, thus preventing unauthorised use and enabling operation in areas where there is no phone or radio signal.

The user is identified with a password and upon completion they are required to sign off to confirm compliance and complete the audit trail. The PDA is then returned to the base station to download the information and if required upload further Audits, Tasks or Actions.

The central computer system maintains a schedule of tasks for each remote location this includes: Times that tasks are downloaded to each remote site, Passwords of the Users, Times that responses are expected to be uploaded from each location. Any exceptions and delays cause an alert to be recorded so the cause can be immediately investigated. The transmission can be made via secure Socket Layer (SSL) to provide security for the data being transmitted.

Scheduling & Flexibility

MARS has been designed to manage and analyse any number of audits from a central computer. Users can configure their own audits how they are scored and reported upon without restriction on the number of sites or frequency.

MARS allows for flexible scheduling: The interval between each Audit can be based on Monday to Friday, Weekends, Every day, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly or Annually. The tasks for each audit can be specified by job, location or contract.

Tasks can be scheduled for different levels of staff or management. When the recorded results for a task are not within the specified parameters an alert can be generated to the appropriate person. When corrective action for any of the alerted task is not recorded within a specified time they can be escalated to line management. This ensures that management are fully updated on completion of critical tasks and at a glance are informed of the status on all of the remote sites.

MARS is easy to use and can be configured for the customers individual application requirements.

MARS requires the minimum of administration once set up for a customers specific application, is very intuitive to use and can be used by staff with minimal training.

Fail safe

  1. Tasks are only sent to PDA when action is required
  2. Users log on with password to start tasks so they are are done by a person of the correct skill levels
  3. A task not marked as 'passed' requires a text entry against it to describe the reason & issue
  4. Completed tasks require a signature, ensuring responsibility is taken for the report
  5. The report can then be sent via internet from a base station to synchronise the PDA with the server
  6. Finished reports can not be resent, eliminating duplicate data & ensures that the User takes responsibility for the report

Management Reporting & Business Control

Data collected is then available to all levels of management in a text or graphical form so that immediate line managers can respond to individual issues and more senior managers can look at individual sites, the whole company or contract performance and identify trends.

The standard and comprehensive reporting provided with the MARS. includes reports by period, status, resolution, failed or in a league table format. Also by area, manager, contract, location, action type. These reports can be tailored to provide information to assist you to manage your business effectively or meet legislation.

Reporting can also be used to provide a view of common problems across a contract or type of premises enabling proactive maintenance and reducing down time of facilities.

Effective electronic reporting with new Android app

adroid os logo

An optional App for the Android OS at the front end makes it easy to deploy and reduce the per user costs. Along with a powerful relational database at the back end to store the data for audit purposes and provide powerful reporting and distribution options MARS is now more powerful than ever.

Android OS handheld features

  • SQL Database backend
  • Corporate Ready
  • Flexible Checklists organised Flat or in a Hierarchy
  • Many Setup Options
  • Process Driven
  • Reusable Templates
  • 'Traffic Light' style On-Screen Reports
  • Type in Comments
  • Speech to Text
  • Photo Evidence
  • Multiple Synch
  • Variety of Statistics
  • Email Distribution
  • Hierarchical Users
  • Back-Up/Restore
  • User Help
  • Ads Free
MARS on android OS device

This MARS app supports key performance indicators through driving standards compliance, enhanced customer service and reduces litigation costs through reporting and audit trail options.

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